Oral Cancer Screening

We are now providing the OraRisk  HPV diagnostic test as a service to our patients.  We realize that this probably won’t be covered by your insurance, but since the more serious strains of HPV are now shown to cause oral cancer, we believe it is a valuable screening. It is a simple, painless rinse with a mild salt water solution to spit into a vile and we send to the lab for analysis.

It is recommended that most people be screened.  Those with higher risk factors such as smoking, alcohol use and a family history of oral cancer should definitely be tested.  We are aware that more oral cancer is being seen in younger people with no known risk factors, in fact, 18-40 year olds is the fastest growing segment of society contracting HPV related Oral Cancer. Early detection and prevention is an important part of the standard of excellent care we strive to provide to you, which is why we recommend this screening for our patients.

Please see www.Oraldna.com  for further information. If you are interested in this screening, please  let us know and we would be happy to schedule or do at your next  appointment.